Reign In Blood [1986]
A01. Angel Of Death
A02. Piece By Piece
A03. Necrophobic
A04. Altar Of Sacrifice
A05. Jesus Saves
B06. Criminally Insane
B07. Reborn
B08. Epidemic
B09. Postmortem
B10. Raining Blood

South Of Heaven [1988]
C01. South Of Heaven
C02. Silent Scream
C03. Live Undead
C04. Behind The Crooked Cross
C05. Mandatory Suicide
D06. Ghosts Of War
D07. Read Between The Lies
D08. Cleanse The Soul
D09. Dissident Aggressor
D10. Spill The Blood

Seasons In The Abyss [1990]
E01. War Ensemble
E02. Blood Red
E03. Spirit In Black
E04. Expendable Youth
E05. Dead Skin Mask
F06. Hallowed Point
F07. Skeletons Of Society
F08. Temptation
F09. Born Of Fire
F10. Seasons In The Abyss

Live: Decade Of Aggression [1991]
G01. Hell Awaits
G02. The Anti-Christ
G03. War Ensemble
G04. South Of Heaven
G05. Raining Blood
H06. Altar Of Sacrifice
H07. Jesus Saves
H08. Dead Skin Mask
H09. Seasons In The Abyss
H10. Mandatory Suicide
I11. Angel Of Death
I12. Hallowed Point
I13. Blood Red
I14. Die By The Sword
I15. Black Magic
I16. Captor Of Sin
J17. Born Of Fire
J18. Postmortem
J19. Spirit In Black
J20. Expendable Youth
J21. Chemical Warfare

Divine Intervention [1994]
K01. Killing Fields
K02. Sex. Murder, Art.
K03. Fictional Reality
K04. Dittohead
K05. Divine Intervention
L06. Circle Of Beliefs
L07. SS-3
L08. Serenity In Murder
L09. 213
L10. Mind Control

Undisputed Attitude [1996]
M01. Disintegration / Free Money
M02. Verbal Abuse / Leeches
M03. Abolish Government / Superficial Love
M04. Can't Stand You
M05. Ddamm
M06. Guilty Of Being White
M07. I Hate You
M08. Filler / I Don't Want To Hear It
M09. Spiritual Law
N10. Sick Boy
N11. Mr. Freeze
N12. Violent Pacification
N13. Richard Hung Himself
N14. I'm Gonna Be Your God
N15. Gemini

Diabolus In Musica [1998]
O01. Bitter Peace
O02. Death's Hand
O03. Stain Of Mind
O04. Overt Enemy
O05. Perversions Of Pain
O06. Love To Hate
P07. Desire
P08. In The Name Of God
P09. Scrum
P10. Screaming From The Sky
P11. Point

God Hates Us All [2001]
Q01. Darkness Of Christ
Q02. Disciple
Q03. God Send Death
Q04. New Faith
Q05. Cast Down
Q06. Threshold
Q07. Exile
R08. Seven Faces
R09. Bloodline
R10. Deviance
R11. War Zone
R12. Here Comes The Pain
R13. Payback

Christ Illusion [2006]
S01. Flesh Storm
S02. Catalyst
S03. Skeleton Christ
S04. Eyes Of The Insane
S05. Jihad
S06. Consfearacy
T07. Catatonic
T08. Black Serenade
T09. Cult
T10. Supremist
T11. Final Six

World Painted Blood [2009]
U01. World Painted Blood
U02. Unit 731
U03. Snuff
U04. Beauty Through Order
U05. Hate Worldwide
V06. Public Display Of Dismemberment
V07. Human Strain
V08. Americon
V09. Psychopathy Red
V10. Playing With Dolls
V11. Not Of This God

Nr Katalogowy: B0023638-01
Kod kreskowy: 602547464095

Okładka: BOX
Ilość nośników: 11xLP


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